SAAD SALEM ABU QAFRAH – Board Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Member of the Chamber of Commerce & Industry Council in Abha

Member of the Board of Social Responsibility in Emirate of Assir

Chairman of the Concrete Products and Crushers Committee in Abha Chamber of Commerce and Industry


Performance efficiency is our target & quality standards methodology is our commitments. Promoted in keeping up with technology and has the honor to be among the top by accurate management and planning professionalism. Our experience is a shiny energy in the productivity sky. We work to be creative… to remain the abundant aid in order to build the economy of KSA and main foundations to establish its integrated system. We stabilize the basics of work according to precious objectives and specific means accurately. We are pioneers of kingdom's industrial interface. We are uniquely provide vital markets with all products made by the most advanced technologies.

We assume the responsibility towards::

  •   Our customers in order to provide the best quality products and services, and to develop new ways to meet their building needs whether large or small.
  •   Our shareholders in order to achieve good returns.
  •   Our employees in order to provide healthy and safe workplaces, rewarding careers, competitive compensation and benefits.
  •   Local Communities in order to serve and keep its environment free from pollution of its different types.

We proudly celebrated our 36th anniversary last year; I strongly believe one of my core obligations as Chairman and CEO is to assure that company is firmly on a path to another 50 years of prosperity and value creation for all its stakeholders.

Our contribution to sustainable development is at the very heart of our ambitions. For the company, this means several things:

  •   That we must increase our investment in our employees.
  •   It means running our business with a profound commitment to efficiency and innovation.
  •   Company must play an appropriate role in society.

We pray Allah to guide us to the right path in order to achieve our precious duty in boosting the wheel of development in our beloved country

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