Riyadh Block Factory is one of the first factories established in the southern region in 1989 to serve the Saudi market in the field of building and construction, to contribute in the construction process of the Kingdom & to produce the best types of building materials of concrete products.
The Riyadh Block Factory concrete products are considered as one of the finest , most accurate and strongest concrete products which used by many governmental agencies and giant corporates in the field of building and construction, where these products won many certificates regarding It is high quality from accredited laboratories and regarding it is quality , punctuality and delivery services from the giant corporates using an integrated fleet of modern mobile cranes.
Our main products are Cement Block , Pavers , Cement Tiles , Horde Cement Block & all other concrete products.

Why Choose Us ?

37 years ago, we strived to achieve the highest levels of time efficiency, quality standards and cost efficiency using the best staff in the Southern Region of KSA. We are one of the leading producers in this region supplying a full range of concrete products to satisfy the needs of the construction sector. .

To complement the world class products, company provides comprehensive services through a team of highly qualified, experienced & passionate professionals. The team assists the customers in choosing the product, samples, application & trouble shooting to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

The last main advantage enjoyed by Riyadh Block Factory, branch of Saad & Abdulrahman Abu Qafrah Holding Co., is the well maintained fleet of transit mixtures, trailer trucks, mobile pumps & Cement Tankers for deliveries.

We are striving to "increase the life of the structure" and "reduce the project time-line" through high-quality products and prompt services.


Our Vision

To distinguish ourselves by providing the local market with the best and most recent cement products including block, borders, tiles………etc.

Our Mission

To manufacture products and provide services in high quality using the most advanced technology, and always strive to meet and satisfy the needs of our clients and customer.

Our Core values

  •   Complete the satisfaction of customers and all those involved.
  •   The high quality of the implementation, and performing the business in accordance with the required standards.
  •   To keep the health and safety of employees and all relevant persons.
  •   To maintain the surrounding environment and its elements and prevent pollution while maintaining the resources.

Our Clients